With geothermal, the immense amount of energy that the ground is releasing is put to use to heat the house.

The geothermal system can save about 60 to 75% of energy costs.

The thermal probe

It is a probe buried in a well that can reach 100 m depth. The water runs through the probe and the latter recovers the inexhaustible energy found in the basement.


Types of piping to power geothermal systems

One uses high-density polyethylene (SDR-11), the other with copper. In the first case, a mixture of water and antifreeze (20-30%), usually methanol or glycol, is circulated in Quebec. Geothermal systems may consist of a piping system whose loop will be closed (with a “U” at its end), or open. The first one draws the energy into the ground vertically.



Easy to install and almost without disadvantages

The geothermal probe requires only one square metre of ground. It consists of four tubes forming two “U” in the basement in which glycol water circulates. No fuel storage, no chimney flue, no maintenance.


An unlimited lifespan

It should be noted that the useful life of the underground piping system is estimated to be at least fifty years. The lifetime of the geothermal heat pump, it is evaluated between 20 and 25 years because it is fully installed in the residence, therefore sheltered from the weather, contrary to an atmospheric heat pump (air-air) which includes one unit inside and another outside.


Heated floor or radiator

New to the renovation. In addition to the investment, the maintenance cost is very low; A factor that is not to be neglected when choosing a system. Annual energy savings are also an incomparable advantage.


During the summer season your house is cooled by performing a reverse operation of the heat pump.

Respect the environment


The calories extracted from the basement are renewable and unlimited..


Respect the environment

The calories extracted from the basement are renewable and unlimited.

No disadvantages such as smoke emission, flames or odors.



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