Our achievements

The company Puisatiers Experts wells a little bit everywhere in Quebec, but more mainly in the territories of the Montérégie and to The Estrie.



The customers of Puisatiers Experts are numerous and one can count among these, the factory S.P. Clothing (formerly Bauer) located in the industrial park of Granby where the air conditioning of the factory was carried out, the factory Saint-Arneault located in the industrial park of Saint-Hubert and more.


Our company grew up with an avant-garde man and a team of experience, always anxious to satisfy their customers. Over the years, they have passed on their knowledge to the next generation.


Through major achievements such as :


• LG1 and LG2 dams
• Feeding of workers ‘ refuelling stations for Hydro-Québec
• Drilling in the mines in Abitibi
• The Granby Zoo


We can say that our team has the experience to solve your problems both at the residential and industrial level …


Our team, with the concern for continuous improvement, works a lot with the farmers. Together they develop new techniques to improve the water quality and also provide solutions to problems such as: coliforms, fecal and totals as well as iron, manganese, PH, etc.

Here are some achievements

Artesian Well

City of Roxton-Pond  logo roxton-pond - Puisatiers experts

We drilled a well to power the city’s grid.






City of Brigham   Logo Brigham - Puisatiers Experts

We drilled wells to power the Town of Brigham CPE.







We have installed cooling systems, used to air-conditioning production equipment.




Clothing S.P. (anciennement Bauer)


Our specialists drilled the wells for the plant feed. We also installed the pumping station, with variable flow control, to distribute the water to the cooler.




Patates Saint-Arneault

Our team installed a cooling system to lower the water temperature in the municipal water system.





Inverness Golf Club


Our team of experts has drilled many holes to supply the lakes that serve the irrigation system.



Granby Zoo 

The work at the Granby Zoo is consistent with environmental concerns. Indeed, the energy expenditure was greatly reduced during this project thanks to the geothermal process. Also, with its 70 drillings of about 600 feet, it was the largest geothermal drilling site in Quebec. The energy savings of this project are around 68%. It should also be noted that all the external installations and all the required tests were carried out by the company.


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School (St-Zotique)

22 boreholes 330 feet deep



School (Vaudreuil-Dorion)

11 boreholes 500 feet deep



School (Prévost)

13 boreholes 500 feet deep


Sûreté du Québec Police Station (Mascouche)


23 geothermal boreholes 500 feet deep

Walter Compagnie Ltée (Pointe-Claire)

44 geothermal boreholes 500 feet deep



Commercial Building Quartier FC (Granby)

8 geothermal boreholes 475 feet deep



Public Library (St-Damien)

2 geothermal boreholes 500 feet deep

Cowansville Courthouse (Cowansville)

15 geothermal boreholes 500 feet deep


Sports Complex – Soccer Stadium (Terrebonne)

40 geothermal boreholes 500 feet deep


CLSC of St-Polycarpe (St-Polycarpe)

6 geothermal boreholes 500 feet deep



Montérégie Youth Center (Longueuil)

4 geothermal boreholes 500 feet deep

Paul-Hubert HighSchool (Rimouski)

40 geothermal boreholes 545 feet deep


Ste-Anne de La Pocatière College (La Pocatière)

48 geothermal boreholes 500 feet deep



L`Évêché Ste-Anne de La Pocatière (La Pocatière)

4 geothermal boreholes 500 feet deep



André Soucy Building (Val D`Or)

11 geothermal drill holes 500 feet deep



Val D`Or Courthouse(Val D`Or)

22 geothermal boreholes 500 feet deep


Promutuel-Beauce (Beauceville)

18 geothermal boreholes 280 feet deep


Sûreté du Québec Police Station (Baie St-Paul)

6 geothermal boreholes 410 feet deep



Reginald J.P. Dawson Library (Ville Mont-Royal)

6 geothermal boreholes 550 feet deep

Le Vistal – phase 2 (Montréal)

24 geothermal boreholes 600 feet deep


Ensemble Terre-Ciel (Montréal)

3 geothermal boreholes 600 feet deep



École de Technologie Supérieure (Montréal)

18 geothermal boreholes 450 feet deep



Habitation Paul Pratt (Longueuil)

15 geothermal boreholes 500 feet deep



Hôpital CHSLD de Papineau (Gatineau)

74 geothermal drilling depths of 515 feet

Centre Préscolaire Montessori (Montréal)

9 geothermal drill holes 550 feet deep



Louis H.-Lafontaine Hospital (Montréal)

35 geothermal boreholes 500 feet deep



Cerom (St-Mathieu de Beloeil)

24 geothermal boreholes 500 feet deep




Benny Farm (Montréal)

18 geothermal boreholes 650 feet deep



Montérégie Yought Center (Chambly)

11 boreholes of 510 ‘



UQAT (Rouyn-Noranda)

35 boreholes of 500 ‘



École Le Boisé (St-Amable)

35 boreholes of 535 ‘



Centre Hospitalier Ste –Marie (Trois-Rivières)

16 holes of 610 ‘

Centre Hospitalier St-Joseph (Trois-Rivières)

17 boreholes of 610 ‘



Obalski Center (Chibougamau)

10 boreholes of 500 ‘



New Primary school   (Granby)

13 holes of 500 ‘

C.I.N.L.B (Granby)

4 holes of 400 ‘



Manoir Blainville (Blainville)

27 boreholes of 500 ‘



Maisonneuve College (Montréal)

7 boreholes of 500 ‘

Foyer Farnham (Farnham)

6 holes of 600 ‘



CPE – Montreal University (Montreal)

3 holes of 500 ‘



Évolo (Iles des Sœurs)

39 boreholes of 500 ‘



Sentinel Storage (Baie d’Urfée)

9 holes of 400 ‘

Montmorency College (Laval)

16 boreholes of 500 ‘



Fleury Hospital (Montreal)

15 wells of 500 ‘



SICAM (St-Jérôme)

6 boreholes of 500 ‘



MTQ (Amos)

6 boreholes of 520 ‘



Alain Côté Arena (Matane)

15 boreholes of 550 ‘

Cancer Institute of Laval (Laval)

63 boreholes of 545 ‘



Éco Centre (Lasalle)

6 boreholes of 500 ‘



IWP Building (Brossard)

41 boreholes of 500 ‘



Administrative Center Jewish Hospital  (Montréal)

3 holes of 500 ‘



General Hospital (Montreal)

Drilling of a geothermal well of 1000 ‘



Hydro-Québec (Salaberry de Valleyfield)
Walter (Pointe Claire)

44 boreholes of 500 ‘



Commercial Building (Granby)

8 boreholes of 475 ‘



André Soucy Commercial project (Val d’Or)

11 boreholes of 500 ‘




Soccer Stadium(Terrebonne)

40 boreholes of 500 ‘



Cowansville Courthouse (Cowansville)

15 boreholes of 500 ‘



Val d’Or Courthouse(Val d’Or)

23 boreholes of 500 ‘



Municipal Library (St-Damien)

2 boreholes of 500 ‘



RCI Environnement  (Anjou)

6 boreholes of 500 ‘



CLSC (St-Polycape)

6 boreholes de 500’



Paul Hubert High School(Rimouski)

39 holes of 545 ‘



Promutuel (Beauce)

10 boreholes of 500 ‘



Ste-Anne College (La Pocatière)

48 boreholes of 500’



Granby Zoo(Granby)

More than 85 boreholes




Drilling of test wells



Puitbec Group

Sub-contractor for geothermal drilling



Forages Technic-Eau

Sub-contractor for geothermal drilling

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