The expertise of Puisatiers Experts Allows you to increase the water quality of your well 80%.

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Service of installation and repair of water pumps of all brands as well as the water treatment.

Oil-assisted Extraction

Hydro-fracturing, that is, oil-assisted extraction, is required when building higher-sized houses and Puisatiers Experts Assures this service to its customers.

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Unbeatable Service

Serving the customer well is a priority.
We make sure that we fully meet the needs, both residential, commercial, institutional and agricultural.

Renewable energy

Geothermal uses the energy of the soil.

As it is clean and renewable, it can meet the heating and cooling needs of your home.

Puisatiers Experts is well known for drilling of artesian wells.


The team designs a permanent underground installation for the supply of drinking water suitable for almost all types of soil.

The water table feeds fractures in the rock. These are the cracks in the rock which, in turn, will guide the water to the well.


If after digging more than 300 feet, the water is still not present, the Diggers will perform a shock operation: The fracking.

– Submersible Pumps
– Jet Pumps
– Piston PUMPS


For a artesian well, the submersible pump is by far the best choice. With a robust design, it can deliver (depending on its power) a very high pressure and water flow efficiently.

Ingenious Solution

The fracking allows the improvement of the efficiency of a well by opening and unclogging the fractures of the rock formation. It is a very high pressure and very large volume water injection process. As a result of this operation, the well will reach a higher yield.

Over 50 years of expertise

The only ones in the region to own 7-Day service units!

Expert in is field

With more than 50 years of experience in the drilling and with its qualified and experienced staff, the company offers a personalized, fast and courteous service


The work is guaranteed and is usually done on the same day.

Our specialities

1.  Why is there a coliform presence in your water?
2.  Why is your water getting yellow in the spring?
3.  Why is your water getting scrambled during heavy rains?


If these standards are exceeded, the source of the contamination must be investigated: breakage of the well structure or seepage in the first 40 feet. The presence of total coliforms in the drinking water indicates general pollution from air, soil, plants, insects or sources of water polluted by human or animal excrement.


We can :


  Increase the water quality of your well by 80%
•  Correct your situation by repairing your driller
  Eliminate the instability of your well (yellow water, scrambled or coliforms)

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