Hydrofracturing, ie assisted petroleum extraction, is necessary in the construction of houses of higher sizes and Puisatiers Experts provides this service.

How does it work?


The water table feeds fractures in the rock. These are the Cracks In the rock which, in turn, will guide the water to the well. The deeper the well is, the more accumulated water will be, offering greater Reserve to the producer. If after digging more than 300 feet, the water is still not present, the Diggers will perform a shock operation: HydroFracturing


Always using the same Drilling rig, a rubber stopper will be installed at about 100 feet deep. Thanks to a Pump High power, the water will then be injected into the watertight hole, at a pressure 3000 pounds, at a rate of 30 to 45 gallons per minuteFor more than an hour. This immense pressure will open the cracks of water, will chase away all that obstructs them and will allow us To increase the flow Feeding. It’s the horse remedy of the driller.


Once the well is functional, all that remains is to install the submersible pump, the power of which must be chosen according to the depth of the well, and connect it to the water inlet of the farm or other buildings.

The operator must constantly keep an eye open on the controls so that the precision drilling takes place normally. With equipment of hundreds of thousands of dollars, any error can be costly.


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