Puisatiers Experts focuses on water quality and is interested in new drilling methods. So we have a duty to always be on the lookout for the latest technologies in our field.
Rotating drilling machine with hole background hammer in the air.


Hole Drilling Capacity 6 to 16 inches of diameter.
Boart LongYear


We have done several jobs that have been done with this versatile and compact drill that gives us access to rugged or very restricted terrain.


We have allowed customers with limited space to drill to install geothermal energy.

We see that we have only 5 feet of space between the house and the 3-foot wall to do this work.



It makes it possible to drill without debris on the ground.

Here is the container where it sends the drilling debris. It can send forage debris 400 feet farther than the forage location.

The most compact and versatile drill in Quebec. It can drill at a distance of 400 feet from the compressor and send the debris 400 feet away into a container. Clean operation and powerful drill. It drills 8, 6, 5, and 4 inches in diameter, it can go down to 900 feet with possibility of drilling in angle or not.

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