The founder

After working in the family business existing since 1966 and worked in the mines Abitibi, Alain Raymond founded Puisatiers Experts. His company then employs about ten employees. His job, Alain Raymond knows him well since at the age of thirteen he accompanied his father on the sites.

The passion

However, it was not only because he was immersed in this area that he stayed there, but because of his passion. In 1988, he had a serious accident on a site in Abitibi: A drilling machine cut off his arm as evidenced by his still-bruised body. After a few months of recuperation, he decided to return to the region and founded Puisatiers Experts Experts. Had it not been for his true love for his livelihood, he would surely exercise another profession today.

Family history

His two brothers, Daniel and Richard, also followed the footsteps of their father. Today, he is the son of Daniel, Anthony, who continues the tradition for a third generation. In 2003, Julie, Alain's spouse, also joined the team.

The difference

And he made the right decision since his company runs at full throttle with thousands of customers. What differentiates him from his competitors is obviously his enormous wealth of knowledge in the field, but also his perseverance and the attention he carries to his clients. It also keeps up to date on what's new and complies with all the government requirements and regulations that govern its trade.

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